The Zacchaeus Project

Supporting carers, older people and their families

Welcome - Who We Are


The Zacchaeus Project is a social project of the Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets  (MCTH) which works with older people and carers, offering advice, support and activities to improve the quality of their lives and address gaps in local provision. In 2024, we are celebrating 25 years of service.

The project is a joint community and church initiative which offers a safe and welcoming forum for meeting, sharing experiences and accessing emotional, practical, financial, educational, recreational and health care support.  Providing a range of services developed as a result of direct feedback from members, the Project equips older people to make informed decisions for themselves.   It aims to empower socially or economically marginalised members to strengthen their individual and collective voices.  

Anyone and everyone over 50 is welcome.  Activities are Members Only, but it is free to join.  Just ask a member of staff for a form and hand it in at the office. 

The Methodist Church in Tower Hamlets has agreed to continue to fund its activities. With their donation of over £100,000 per year, we can confidently plan for the future. The Trustees are always ready to hear from local groups with ideas and plans for potential co-operation and partnerships. 

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Centre Manager: Deborah Brady 
Advice & Guidance Coordinator: David Calvin
Admin & Advice Support Worker: Catherine Preece

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