The Zacchaeus Project

Supporting carers, older people and their families

Current Information

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25 years of service

 The team is available for advice over the phone and in-person
If you need us, please call us on 

020 8983 1568 or call or text the mobile: 07712 332324 or email:

Before the end of this term there are events to note;

 Special Event on Thursday 11th January 2024 is to be a Celebration of 25 years of Service at Zacchaeus
Please note the date.  Running from 11am - 3pm

NB the New year Diet & Exercise series running from 17th Jan 2024

Lots going on. Open to all.  Please join us



We are part of the network of local groups and providers, meeting from time to time to share ideas.


We are building up our lending library again in Bethnal Green. If you have any books to donate, which you think people will enjoy, please bring them along to the office. Jigsaws (complete please) also welcome.



The Project runs as Members Only.  Apply any time; just fill in a form.  There is no charge!  

It is most important to us that membership be open to everyone, that it creates a sense of belonging and it is easy to administer.  Please let us know if your contact details have changed, or if you would like to give us any additional contact details e.g. your email address or mobile number. We will continue to send out the newsletter by post, but we also use email and text to communicate more regular Zacchaeus Project updates to our members where possible. You can follow us on Facebook: Zacchaeus Project @ZacchaeusMCTH


Catherineand Glenda  on hand in the cafe at Bow

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Centre Manager: Deborah Brady 
Advice & Guidance Coordinator: David Calvin
Admin & Advice Support Worker: Catherine Preece

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